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Tennessee wedding-We are destination photographers

We are asked all of the time if we travel for weddings. Yes, yes we do! If you are having a destination wedding we are your photographers. Have camera…will travel. Well, we actually have 3 cameras, 6 lenses, batteries, battery chargers, 2 light stands, 5 speed lights, camera bags (2 rolling, 1 backpack and one day of shoot bag) and a laptop plus many memory cards, of course! We have traveled so much we have it down to a science. Our light stands fold in half for each packing and our rolling bags are the BEST! We should hire a Sherpa to help us carry gear but we have such big muscles from shooting so many weddings that we don’t need one, ha, ha! Ok, so wherever you decide to get marries, give us a call. We will gladly join you! Contact us for details. dawn@hildebrandphoto.com

About the photos:
This motorbike photo is one of Brandon’s favorite. After the bride and groom (Ann and Cody) said “I do” they kissed then ran down the aisle to Cody’s bike. They hopped on, she threw her bouquet and they drove off with all of their bridal party and us chasing them. (had to get the good photo, right?) The look of complete freedom and joy on their faces and they zipped past the property and all of their guests was priceless. I highly recommend a mini get away ride to all brides and grooms!

This is one of my favorite photos of Brandon shooting the family photos. I can’t remember what was so funny but I love this photo of him cracking up!

As photographers we love dramatic skies! It’s hard to go on a road trip with us because we are constantly stopping to photograph the clouds. There’s no photoshop on this photo. It was just amazing as is.

This day was mega hot! Everyone hid indoors until the ceremony which was held in the backyard. I would go outside to photograph details then come back in to cool down then go back out again. For this Seattle girl is was a bit like swimming. It was like I was holding my breath as long as possible then running back indoors for oxygen. Not easy for a photographer! We tend to get sucked in to the details and forget about the world around us until we get the perfect shot. The heat definitely taught me to be quick that day!

Before the wedding we drove to a nearby farm that was so many acres I can’t even remember but I never saw a fence around it. The horses and cows roamed the property freely! Yes, ours do that here in Washington state but there they really roamed, so much space! These cows were friendly…too friendly for me. They brisk walked right up and past us. I wasn’t sure what to do. I decided to play it cool and just stand still. Luckily, the cows were cool with that.

The day before the wedding we did their engagement session. I told Ann to lean up against a tree but then she pointed out a large walking stick bug just above my head. Talk about good camouflage! I like bugs. Mother nature was showing off her creativity when creating bugs. She beats Pinterest hands down!

We love seeing new places and are inspired by new scenery. We look forward to traveling to your wedding for you!

tennessee wedding

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