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This is Hildebrand Photography Seattle Wedding Photographers

This is us, Dawn and Brandon Hildebrand of Hildebrand Photography.
We got married in a church in Monroe, WA 11 years ago. What I remember most from our wedding was the vows and the overwhelming love I felt for Brandon but also the family support. If we hadn’t had a wedding our family and friends wouldn’t have gathered together for us and said nice things, hugged us tight, shared words of wisdom and told us stories. I wouldn’t have realized how much a marriage is about not just us but all of them too. They support us and we them. We prove that we are stronger together and that although the road is sometimes rocky yes, this is all worth it. Risking your heart and everything you have to commit to one person is worth it. These are thoughts I had as a nervous newlywed.
I now feel like it’s all second nature and comfortable and safe and warm. We are a team together and with our family, friends and community support.
Weddings are a strong force showing nervous brides and grooms that they’re not in this alone and they are surrounded by love.
We are honored to be a part of this powerful moment in a couple’s life. The more moments we capture full of emotions proving the power of togetherness the better. Photos of children playing, grand parents dancing, family hugging and laughing, people clinking glasses in celebration and parents holding hands are all proof that you are, as newlyweds, surrounded by love. To not just capture the images but in the most beautiful way possible because these are moments to last a lifetime.
This is the gift we are grateful to give to couples on their wedding day.
These are the reasons why we love our job and strive to give you the most amazing photos to cherish for generations.

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