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Model in woods, orange kitty in track suit

Model in woods, orange kitty in track suit
Here’s our first photo shoot of lady in tulle in the woods. My vision was to have her serenely holding an orange cat (to match the orange flowers). I put out an all call for anyone with an orange cat who could model for us. This lovely lady volunteered her cat saying he has a calm demeanor and could handle it. One the day of the shoot we had her arrive late so we had time to get the lights set up and model all set with minimal stress to the cat. Once we were ready the owner took brought her cat to the site in a kitty crate, pulled him gently out of it. We took a photo of him in her arms. I asked if she had a leash then BAM! the cat jumped out of her arms and took off like a shot! I didn’t see it but I’m sure he quickly ran to a phone booth and changed into his Superman cape or at least a track suit because he was fast!
We spent the next hour looking for him. Finally, a park maintenance guy saw him. He was captured and taken back home safe and sound. No modeling for that guy! We were all completely relieved that he is ok. Stephanie, our model, had blood running down her arms from him scratching her. We had her pose with her arm hidden to not show the bright red blood against the white tulle background. It was quite an adventure! Behind the scenes sometimes make for crazy stories. Thank goodness this one ended happily.


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Acrylic Block Prints

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Acrylic Block Prints! These are a unique, gorgeous way to showcase your favorite photos! They’re thick. They can stand upright on their own. No installation required. No wall mounting needed. No glass needed. They’re glossy and impressive. Now here’s the challenge for you…which photos would you choose to print in Acrylic Blocks? Contact us to order yours today! It doesn’t have to be a photo we took but we would be honored if it were. These are going to sell like hotcakes! I can’t wait to show these off to people in our studio during our Red-carpet premiers! They can be ordered with metallic paper to give off that subtle shimmery look which everyone loves! We also offer photographic paper. Be the first of your friends to have an Acrylic Block Print.




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Sharon and Dylan Sole Repair Wedding

Sharon and Dylan’s wedding was perfect. It was fun and relaxed full of family and friends all wishing the newly weds the best in life and celebrating to the fullest! It was an honor to be a part of their special day and capture memories for them to document the love they clearly have for each other. May this be the beginning of many happy memories to last a lifetime!

Seattle Wedding




Special thanks to Sole Repair

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Magnuson Park Wedding Seattle

Jennifer and Jonathan Wedding at Hangar 30 Magnuson Park Seattle

Jennifer and Jonathan met Kate and I at Talaris Conference Center for their first look. This was the perfect time right after the bride and groom getting ready to be able to take a moment together to stroll hand in hand, take a breath of fresh air and laugh together before the busy part of their big day began. The serenity of the water and shade of the weeping willows were the perfect setting.
From here we drove to Magnuson Park Hangar 30 for cocktail hour in the Officers Club upstairs. There was live guitar music, gourmet appetizers, lots of family and friends, hugging, dancing and laughing.
After cocktail hour Jennifer and Jonathan led everyone in a procession from the Officers Club, past Hangar 30, down a winding pathway through the gardens which opened up to a vast green amphitheater! All the guests were seated here while the bride and groom took a moment for photos in the flower gardens above and congregated with their dear friend and officiant.
The mood was jovial. Both the bride and groom waved to everyone as they walked down the aisle and hollered silly comments to guests yelling “woo!” from their seats. The big first kiss then another procession to the Hangar for the reception. Guests stood in line to sign the guest album, grab their seating chart tag and treat themselves to a cotton candy flavored Oreo…yes, theses little morsels served in glass jars with antiqued silver lids were delicious!
Cocktail hour again but this time with a whole band playing, a bar and a photo booth. Little kids played ball with their dads, the pre-teens made their silliest faces possible and arranged their wacky poses for our cameras while the adults clinked their glasses in “cheers!”
Dinner was served family style (which I love). The caterers were fabulous. Their attention to detail did not go unnoticed by Kate and I who have been to many weddings. We were impressed. As you can see we were kept very busy and entertained taking photos of all the guests, and the multitude of details that made Hangar 30 elegant, festive and unique.
Please enjoy the rest of the photos that are full of the toast, cake cutting, dancing and fun/silly family photos.





































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Big thanks to the vendors involved:
Hangar 30 Magnuson Park Seattle

Revel Rouser Events Event Planning/Event Services Sasha Summer Cousineau

Talaris Conference Center in the U District

Thank you to Kate Gansneder of G Squared Photography for shooting with me.

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